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    Chicago Bed Bug Solution is the best bed bug extermination service in Chicago. Bed bugs can be a major issue, especially in households. Once they have caused the infestation, it becomes quite tough to deal with it on your own. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a service in Chicago that is efficient at its job and can guarantee results, we’re the one for you. We offer services for any items or  furnitures that could possibly be sheltering these insects. From bedding, couches, and curtains to clothes and stuffed toys – we’ll be getting rid of those bed bugs for you from every place necessary. So don’t waste your time and go ahead and contact us to give us a chance to help you out.

    We Are The Most Trusted Bed Bug Exterminator in Chicago


    All of our claims can be backed up by the positive feedback of our customers. We have been providing service to them with minimal to no complaints. We perform bed bug control service in Chicago with care. Our customers are a part of our community. We believe in offering services to the people of Chicago and neighboring areas like they are our own. The experts in our team are local which ensures that each one of them are sincere in working in the same community. This is what sets us apart from other companies. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. Upholding their trust in us is a goal that is behind each and every service we provide. Moreover, we received our certification from the Chicago Pest Management Association in 2014 as bed bug specialists. So far, we have been successful in maintaining it with no bumps in our journey as a company. Hence, you remain absolutely relaxed when it comes to us fixing your bed bug issues. Any other concerns when it comes to bed bug extermination such as creating commotion while performing the service is something which you won’t be getting from us. We try to remain as discreet as possible. Our experience enables us to be able to promise you with the best service for a range of services that include large scale infestations as well. 

    Why You Should Hire Chicago Bed Bug Solution

    We are the best bed bug exterminator in Chicago. Part of what makes it the best is our extensive range of services. We cover each problem with individual solutions.

    Bed bug issues can be a menace. While they get to live comfortably in your mattresses, you and your pets are the ones that have to suffer.

    They come from nowhere and destroy your sleep and peace. We want to be able to give you back your peaceful night’s sleep.

    Our services include bed bug detection by dogs. This is a top notch method to figure out where the pesky bugs are hiding once you start experiencing the disturbances they cause. That comes with saying that we will not claim that there is a bed bug infestation unless our canine finds one.

    We offer residential bed bug treatment. Your homes should be providing you absolute comfort. It gives us pleasure in eliminating any source of discomfort from bed bug problems in your house.

    Other than that, commercial bed bug treatment is also an option you can choose. Commercial spaces are not immune to these infestations and require just as good services for bed bug treatment as homes. So any kind of office space that you think may have bed bugs can be examined by us. 

    We as a company are incredibly cautious about the environment. It is an important part of our job to remain eco-friendly through all our services. Some of our services that focus on this include heat treatment, steam treatment and cryonite. Each one of these services attempt to be of zero wastage and cause no harm to the environment. Our methods are strictly monitored so that our ideals are not opposed in any shape or form.

    Do You Need Bed Bug Inception in Chicago?

    Bed bugs are creatures that live on blood. They thrive on the blood of the residents they have invaded or the people working in an office space. It’s hard to tell if they are there at all. Buy once they start biting you, it becomes a necessity to seek help. The bites can cause blisters and irritating itchy sensations on the skin. The problem doesn’t end here. Bed bugs will travel with your bags or clothes wherever you move them. This increases the chances of you carrying them over to a bed bug-free space. This can put the space in risk of an infestation. So it is wise to get help from a service. Chicago bed bug solution is a smart choice as we are the experts of bed bug control service in Chicago.

    Cost of Bed Bug Extermination in Chicago

    We do not believe that the cheapest option is the best option. However, we do believe in providing top tier services for standard prices. We will not be charging you extra for anything you choose to get done by us. So this is something that our customers can trust us about everytime they enjoy our services. An idea of how much it would cost you to get bed bug extermination would be around $320-$400 depending on the amount of clutter and heavy objects we are going to be dealing with. However, this is only an estimation. A more exact estimation can be provided once we inspect the space. So contact us to know more.

    How to Get Rid of Bed Bug in Chicago

    Prevention is always better than the cure. We advise the same thing in this case as well. Preventing bed bugs is a smart job so that you can avoid the removal and the hassles that come with it altogether. Clutters are a breeding ground for bed bugs. Always make sure that your spaces are free of clutter. If you have clutter in your home or office right now, it’s best if you remove it. Another way to prevent bed bugs is to vacuum thoroughly and regularly. Vacuuming often around, behind and under beds is an important thing to practice. Peeling wallpapers and loose electrical faceplates are other things that you should be noticing. Get them fixed as soon as possible. And cracks or crevices on wooden surfaces such as furniture, doors or windows should be filled in or fixed.

    What Are Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are pests or insects that feed on human blood to survive. They invade residential and commercial spaces by hiding in places such as beds, couches, curtains, linens and clothes. The bites if these creatures tend to cause certain reactions. Blisters or rashes on the skin can be a common example. Psychological effects are also one of the possible outcomes of these bites. The ways through which they can make their way to your homes are various. Being carried by clothes or bags is a common way of them landing on the furniture of your home.

    Signs of Bed Bugs

    Any red stains or marks that may appear on your bed sheets can be a result of a bed bug being crushed. Bed bugs leave tiny marks and dots spattered on your linens or sheets when they excrete. Skins that are shed by the nymphs or tiny eggs and eggshells are also a sign. The most obvious sign of bed bugs is receiving bites on your skin from certain clothes or when you sit or lie down on your couch or bed.

    Life Cycle of A Bed Bug

    The lifespan of a bed bug can range from 4 to 6 months. However there are some species that may be able to live up to a year, and that is without food when there are cool conditions. An adult bed bug that has fed on blood can lay eggs. The eggs hatch to give birth to nymphs. These grow through 5 stages after which they shed to transform into adult unfed bed bugs. Once they feed on blood, they are fit to lay eggs again.