Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

If you are suffering from a bed bug infestation issue in your commercial space, we have just the right solution for you.

commercial bed bug extermination chicago

Chicago Bed Bug Solution is a company which specializes in commercial bed bug extermination. We are an incredible trustworthy and reliable service provider who consider the customers’ satisfaction as our highest priority. We make sure that each of our customers have little to no complaints about our services. This is something which is reflected through their loyalty towards us. We like to believe that the quality of our services us the best people for commercial bed bug treatment in Chicago. 

If you think you need our help to deal with your problem, do give us a call. We will discuss further to find the right extermination service for you.

We are specialized in commercial bed bug treatment

Our team of skilled technical experts are experienced professionals. They hold the knowledge needed to provide the right extermination to commercial spaces so that the customers are able to enjoy the best possible results. Chicago Bed Bug Solution make sure that the bed bug problem is absolutely eradicated.

How do you know that you need bed bug extermination right now

There are a few ways in which you may be able to find out whether you need a bed bug extermination service or not. A common sign of a bed bug infestation includes red stains on the surface of fabrics. These stains are caused due to the bed bugs being crushed. The bed bugs also tend to leave tiny dark markings with their excretion. These marks may bleed into the fabrics as a marker would. Another obvious sign would be irritation of the skin, rashes or unexplainable blisters. These could appear due to the bed bugs biting you to feed on blood.

About our special extermination for commercial places

Our special treatments involve environmentally conscious Eco-friendly treatment services. Some of those services are heat treatment, steam treatment and cryonite treatment. All these choices are incredibly effective and safe. These treatments prove to be better than bed bug sprays. Not only are they nontoxic but also prevent the bed bugs to develop immunity against our methods.

Our Process

We do an extensive inspection and analysis if your commercial space before proceeding to provide our services. This is to make sure that you actually do have a bed bug infestation. Once we are able to confirm, we provide you the service that is best suited to your considerations. Afterwards we do thorough examination to assure you that the bed bugs are truly gone.