Cryonite Treatment

If you are in search of an effective eco-friendly treatment to get rid of bed bugs, our cryonite treatment is a good option that you can explore.

chicago cryonite for bed bugs

Bed bugs are extremely troublesome once the infestation takes place. It is difficult to use anything they have invaded.

Bed bugs live on human blood which is why they bite you and cause skin related issues and more. Chicago Bed Bug Solution is a company that provides cryonite bed bug treatment services. We are the best when it comes to doing cryonite treatment in Chicago, IL.

Our services are trustworthy and reliable which is why all of the customers who have enjoyed our service are loyal to us. Effective service with satisfied customers is something which is a priority for us. 

So if you are looking for a service that you trust to get rid of those pesky bugs, call us! Contact us to discuss further.

What is Cryonite Treatment?

Cryonite treatment is an efficient way of treating bed bugs. It is efficient because it is quick and doesn’t require much time. The machine used to conduct this treatment produces carbon dioxide snow, after which liquid CO2 is used to freeze the bed bugs dead in their spot. This method is safe for the environment as well as effective.

Importance of Cryonite Freeze Treatment

Commercial sprays that can be bought to kill bed bugs are toxic. They can cause harm to anyone present in the space they are used. Any ill person such as someone with asthma or pets, the elderly and children can be harmed due to the toxic sprays. Hence the cryonite treatment is a very useful and fast method to get the job done. The liquid CO2 that is used freezes the bed bugs. This is a method which does not leave room for the bugs to develop any immunity against it.

About Our Cryonite treatment

Along with the other Eco-friendly extermination services we offer such as heat treatment and steam treatment. Cryonite is an extensively used treatment to kill bed bugs in a safe manner. The temperature of the vaporised CO2 is deadly for the bed bugs but safe for the environment. We choose to offer this treatment in order to stay true to our values of being environmentally conscious.

Our Process

Cryonite is CO2 in snow form. When applied in thin layers, it kills bed bugs and other insects. This occurs due to rapid freezing of the fluids in their cells. Hence, they instantly die. When the CO2 snow touches surfaces at normal temperatures it becomes CO2 gas. 

Effectiveness of Our Service

Our cryonite treatment has proven to be extremely effective in killing bed bugs. These bugs are unable to hide from the invasive CO2 snow which proceeds to freezing them dead instantly. So this method is a really good choice if you’re looking for quick results.