Heat Treatment

If you are looking for eco-friendly treatment for solving the bed bug issues you may be facing, our heat treatment may be a good option for you. Our services are extremely reliable and effective.

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Bed bugs can be an irritating issue, mostly due to their biting as they live on human blood. However, we specialize in treating these issues. Chicago Bed Bug Solution is the best eco-friendly bed bug treatment provider in Chicago. Heat treatment is one of the services we offer. Our team of technical experts make sure that they perform well enough to completely get rid of the bed bugs with this method to leave our customers absolutely satisfied. We are a trusted brand who provide the best thermal heat treatment in Chicago, IL. 

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What is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is an eco-friendly process by which we conduct bed bug treatment. What happens in heat treatment is that a heat box is used to kill the bugs. Any possible items such as shoes, bags, blankets, linens, clothes, curtains etc that have bed bug infestation are put inside the box. The heat then kills the bed bugs in those items no matter what stage of life they are in – egg, nymph or adult.

Importance of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a non-toxic method of bed bug extermination. The lethal temperature at which bed bugs die is 117–122° degrees Fahrenheit. Hot boxes used for heat treatment provide a temperature higher than that. This makes sure that the material of the items inside is permeated. Moreover, it ensures that the bed bugs that exist inside it are killed in every stage. 

About Our Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment service is a very safe method as long as some precautions are taken. It is an environmentally friendly method which allows us to abide by our principles of being eco-friendly in our process. It is an effective way of getting rid of bed bugs that has come with a number of benefits which prove it to be a better method compared to any commercial cleaning method.

Our Process

We try to make sure that the conditions under which the hot box used for the heat treatment is being operated is a safe area. We do this to prevent any fires from being started. The heat of the box then kills any of the bed bugs in the items we place in the box. After this, the materials can be washed or cleaned however preferred. Once we are done with all this, all the items are bed bug-free.