Steam Treatment

Steam is a great method of getting rid of bed bugs from the surface of materials while also remaining environmentally friendly at the same time. It is an Eco-friendly bug treatment which is also quite effective.

bed bug heat treatment

Bed bugs can be quite the menace when they invade the space where you live or work. The bed bugs on the surface are most likely to bite you as bed bugs live on the blood of human beings. The services offered by Chicago Bed Bug Solution are quite reliable and extremely effective. We carry out our operations to give you the best experience and provide you with utmost satisfaction. Along with other eco-friendly services such as heat treatment and cryonite. The steam treatment is a trusted service that succeeds in doing exactly what it claims. 

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What is it?

The steam treatment in our eco-friendly service range uses steam to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs have a lethal temperature at and beyond which they cannot survive. The steam is hot enough to kill the bed bugs which it comes in contact with in any surface area. It can also permeate a certain amount of depth into fabrics and can also be used to clean any gaps, cracks or crevices in wooden surfaces.

Importance of Steam Treatment

Bed bugs are not killed instantly by commercial sprays. These sprays take around 15-21 days to diminish the bulk of the bed bugs being treated. Moreover, the bed bugs develop immunity against these chemicals due to which these methods can prove to be ineffective. Steam treatment is important as it is not only a safer method but also an effective one. There is no way the bed bugs can develop immunity against this method.

About Our Steam Treatment

The steam treatment method that we use is part of the reason why Chicago Bed Bug Solution provides the best bed bug extermination in Chicago. It is an easy yet effective method. Any surfaces such as clothes, linen, curtains, bedsheets and gaps and crevices in wooden areas can be treated through our method. Any existing bed bug in these areas will be exterminated once the steam method is applied. 

Our Process

Our steaming process works by delivering a temperature which is high enough to kill the bed bugs into specific areas. This temperature is delivered through the use of the steam. We use an infrared thermometer in order to monitor the temperature of the surface area where the steam has been used. We make sure that the temperature is at least 160-180°F immediately after the steam has brushed over it to ensure that the bed bugs are killed.

Effectiveness of Our Service

Steam is a very effective choice to kill the bed bugs on the surface of items. Our service can be effective up to 3/4″ into the surface of fabrics. The steam will also kill bed bugs up to 2-3/8” into any gaps, cracks and crevices.